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Detergent Powder
Detergent powders are formulated for washing and cleaning fabrics. These are also utilized for removing stubborn stains from the cloths like oil, grease, ketchup etc. Detergent powders have pleasing fragrance. Our formulations provide clean, refreshing and perfumed cloth after wash.
Detergent Chemicals
Detergent chemicals find their usages in toothpastes, sunscreens, mouthwashes, acne care products, lotions, moisturizers and other products. These are also ideal for keeping ants, pests, cockroaches, fleas etc. away from home. Detergent chemicals are also found in paints and ceramic glaze.
Industrial Chemicals
Industrial chemicals are water soluble and non-ionic surface-active agent that are used as preservatives and antiseptic. These are also utilized as fireproofing agent for wood. Industrial chemicals can be found in cosmetics, enamels, carpets, leather, cements, porcelain, artificial gems etc.